Do you worry about the exercise you’re doing; burning enough calories? Here’s a different way to think about it …. Imagine the ingredients list on a food label. The largest ingredient is listed first.

Now replace the food with an exercise and the ingredients with a list of benefits (starting with the biggest benefit). Although calorie burning will be on the list …. it’s never your main ingredient and nor should it. Let’s go through an example.

Example 1

Exercise: Running/ cycling/ rowing/ trampolining.

Benefits/ ‘ingredients’: Enjoyment, better heart health, stronger lung function, regulated blood pressure, mental health, release of feel-good endorphins, reduced stress, sleep better, improved bone density, increased libido, healthier complexion and skin … and burning some calories (which may help with fat loss if part of a calorie-controlled diet).

Example 2

Exercise: Body training or Weight training

Benefits/ ‘ingredients’: go with Enjoyment, strengthening your muscles, joints and tendons, increased bone density, improved endurance and power, better balance and posture, improved sleep, increased libido, concentration, reduced stress…. and you’re burning some calories (*which may help with fat loss if part of a calorie controlled diet).

PS If your main benefit/ ingredient isn’t Enjoyment – find yourself another exercise or sport where it is!

I am an experienced female personal trainer serving Wimborne, Broadstone, Corfe Mullen and surrounding areas of Dorset, specialising in women’s fitness and I strongly believe in the need for exercise to be enjoyable.

Do let me know if this makes sense to you and if you’ve any questions. Private consultations are available to help you plan your route to better fitness.

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