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Private Coaching

Work with me for better habits, improved mindset and consistent motivation.  Your coaching Includes personalised exercise programme, learning correct form and techniques, injury and rehab adaptations, clear nutritional and diet advice to identify an appropriate diet for you, weight management support to reflect your lifestyle.  Private coaching is a distinct service to Pay As You Go Personal Training.  Coaching includes ongoing support for lifestyle changes and interventions in addition to your personal training sessions.

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Better by Change

Coaching is for you; if you’re willing to make changes in your life, you’re willing to be consistent and patient rather than someone who is looking for quick fixes. I will work with you to identify changes that are sustainable and will give you a lifetime of benefits. We become better through change, not through chance.  Identifying what will actually make a difference and focusing your efforts in these areas. 

Dare to Begin

Private Coaching is available online so you can work with me anywhere, or in person at WOW Ladies Fitness a private fitness club in Wimborne or I operate a mobile service for local clients, including outdoor sessions or appointments in your home or garden.  During lockdown, I continued to see clients online for training sessions at home.  Contact me to find out more and begin your fitness journey.

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Alongside your workouts, we’ll work together on other factors for your success; mindset, habits and consistency. These support our efforts in working out, make us stronger and more able to carry through the benefits of training to the rest of our life.

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