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Better Through Change

Food & Nutrition

Eat Wide; Eat Well

When thinking of how to improve your diet; your first thought should be; what else can I eat? Instead, we often focus on foods to cut out. Eating a wide range of food improves the range of nutrients our bodies receive and this is a healthier way to approach improving our diet. 

Real Life; Real Food

We don’t eat in isolation; perhaps you share food with others in your family, maybe you are responsible for feeding children, have a partner and enjoy eating and drinking out with friends. Your diet may not be perfect and it doesn’t have to be. It’s really personal to you and your diet should be your own and not some off the shelf plan that belongs to a celebrity, a chef or a trainer. After all, you want to make changes that you can stick to for the rest of your life but that are flexible enough to fit in with your preferences and lifestyle, not someone else’s.

Enjoy Food

I support and guide clients toward understanding and managing their own diet going forward and use my concept of thinking of food as providing us with energy, nutrition, and joy.  Online nutrition coaching is available as a stand-alone service to personal training.  Contact me to find out more.


“Katrina has helped me let go of my ‘good vs bad’ thinking around food”.

Weight Management

if you want to manage your weight you need to understand your energy balance. Our energy requirements change throughout our lives (with changes due to lifestyle, employment, physical activity, age, post natal, peri menopausal and menopause. If we don’t understand and adapt to these, weight management can be a struggle. As your coach, I’ll help you understand and plan for these; stop you getting seduced and your head turned by every fad diet out there; decide what is right for you and understand why any diet will (or won’t) work for you.