If you’re new to fitness you’ve so much to gain, even by doing just a little. I’m not a fan of the ‘all or nothing’ mentality where you’re either ‘on’ the fitness and diet/ health wagon or you’re not ‘in the zone’. This mentality isn’t helpful and it can even be intimidating if you think you’ve got to give up your whole current life to commit to fitness. It might even put people off getting started. Fitness is for everyone and is something that you should be able to fit into your life; it should help you feel great, to move your body in a way that’s right for you and to enjoy yourself doing it. I’ll help you take a realistic approach to making health and fitness gains that you can achieve and are accommodating to your daily life. These will be things you can take with you throughout your life and I won’t leave you with that ‘all or nothing’ feeling. There’s a lot of pressure on women (and men) on how we look after ourselves, how we workout, what we look like, what we eat, our weight and all within finding the time among work, family and caring commitments. It’s no wonder it’s difficult to navigate all the information out there and priorities changes that will actually help you. Want to get started? Want to find out more? Message me for a chat or book a consultation.