Strength is a critical part of our exercise programme at any age but even more as we approach and go through menopause. Naturally falling levels of the oestrogen hormone causes more fat storage around our middle, our energy requirements drop and our muscle mass begins to decrease significantly.  This has a huge impact on our health as our risk of heart disease and osteoporosis increases.  Strength training is the perfect antidote to menopause as it improves lean muscle mass and bone density, helps us burn more calories (including at rest) and improves our confidence and posture.

If we go through menopause at the average age of 51, our life expectancy is another 30 plus years.  Strength not only helps us feel great now, it can improve our quality of life and safeguard our independence for our future.  Just two 30 minute sessions a week and you will start to see strength improvements and benefits.

If you’re lucky enough, like me, to live in Wimborne, East Dorset, we have one of the longest life expectancies in the UK, so we’d better get strong for long ride!  If you’re unsure about strength training or how to start; it is what I specialise in!  Do drop me a message to get started with KKFitness

Support available to help you get fitter and stronger is available through online coaching or in person personal training sessions in Wimborne and surrounding areas; Colehill, Witchampton, Merley, Canford, Furzehill, Holt, Cranborne. A personal trainer can help you reach your fitness goals.

Menopause and Strength Training in Wimborne, Colehill, Broadstone