What are your fitness challenges and what’s holding you back? Mine was ‘Daring to Begin’: People who don’t know where to start are often perfectionists. Perfectionism is one cause of procrastination – it makes us worried about getting things wrong. We can only start when the fear of not doing anything is bigger than the fear of doing it wrong. If we do nothing, we’ll see no difference or benefit. We’ll only make changes when the discomfort of not changing outweighs the adaptations we need to make. I hear so often “I want to change; but I’m not sure I’m ready yet”. Change can be scary. This is one of the reasons why I begin supporting clients with an initial consultation prior to commencing our personal training work. We can identify if you’re ready and work together to set realistic goals.

One of the biggest fitness mistakes is setting super ambitious targets that require a complete overhaul of your life, and then surprise, surprise, you can’t / don’t stick to it. Goals are important, but your fitness is your life’s journey, not a destination that has an end date after a set period or challenge, so it’s vital that you enjoy the process. Having a programme you can stick to is a better indicator of success than having short term goals that are unsustainable.

I offer initial consultations to work with you on understanding your goals, your motivations, your barriers to overcome. Getting to know you, your reasons why and understanding your lifestyle will enable us to identify realistic changes that you can adhere to.

KKFitness, I offer initial consultations around surrounding areas of Wimborne to uncover your why and plan your path for change to a fitter, stronger, healthier lifestyle. Message me to find out how I can guide you in your fitness journey. A personal trainer can help you reach your fitness goals.